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Modeling Specialties: Lingerie, Swimsuit, Pin-up Girl

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Jonah Washnis

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My Name is Nicole Schneider, most of you know me as being a model for over 24 years... amongst a long list of other things I do on a daily basis. Over the years of my modeling career I have literally tried hundreds of products, from some of best being the most expensive to the least expensive and there were a few that did actually work better than some. As far as seeing results quickly as they all claimed to, not one of them excelled in proving their claims... until now!

Only recently was I introduced to a product called Glissandra, and as always I love trying new products, but this product was different on so many levels. The first difference I noticed in only 2 days was my skin - it felt very smooth and the product absorbed beautifully into my skin and by the second day it evened out my skin tone. I had some scars from the past that no other creams, or oils or anything else could ever fix and by the fourth day my scars where GONE!!! By the 5th day my skin looked radiant and supple and I could even see little fine lines around my eyes slowly diminishing! By the time I was done with the sample pack I was given, I could not believe that in just one week this skin product did more than any product I have tried and tested for years!!! This product can drastically improve and create beautiful skin in one week when compared to all other facial treatments who have promised results and failed! This is the first time I have ever stepped up and willingly wanted to testify to the world that a product really does everything and more! The best part about this product is not only how amazing it works, but the true science behind it! Glissandra truly compares to no other! I definitely recommend this line!!!! It WORKS!!!!!!!! And I would never and will never stand behind a company unless I have tried it and can say it works!!

Nicole Schneider

I have provided a link to follow (click the image below) if you want to learn more about this Glissandra by watching a 90 minute video... enjoy.


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